Sunday, May 31, 2009

Hidayah & Amin wedd

this is my wedding assignment @ Wakaf Bharu, Kelate. Sister kpd pengantin ni is my skoolmates back way at TKC. for info sumer, i have a new blog at but gamba tak byk sgt lagi kt ctu as im still have problem uploading photos thre.orait..hope u alls like the picas ;)

Monday, May 25, 2009

Hidayah & Amin wedd-Intro

ratu sehari


huhu kitorg laks yg over2..

intro dulu wedding depa ni...mmg besh..bergamba sakan!will upload more later...tunggu!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

saya sayang mak saya

3 of us..farah, along & angah...

lepas makan

posing time..

angah & mak

along & mak
today is the MOTHERS DAY celebration.ayah belanjer we all makan kt nasi lemak antarabangsa at Jusco Setiawangsa. tshirt ni baru jek faz beli smalam..time jenjalan nampak..mmg chomell sgt..trus beli 4 pasang for all my sisters..along, angah, kakcik & kakcik tade kt cni psl study kt UK..takpe, next mnth kitorg visit kakcik & will take again picas like tis. to all the mothers out thre...Happy Mothers Day!!!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Hang out with Ina & Tiqah

got free show by the walkway

heading to the car park

they waited me patiently..


licin babe makan sandwich


  • falah as usual jadi model tempelan mama

    hi...last friday nite, sajer je lepak nak jupe ina & da tak jupe depa ni.last time was at chillis when they did a farewell lunch to me before i moved to tganu.since lamer tak update each other so we hang out dine at O'brians .sori la korang i arrived late becoz stuck in jem kt batu caves...yela that was the nite before hari wesak + i park my car kt ikano...aduss da janji nak jupe kt curve..mcmana ntah bole salah plaks...i guess i was thinking mcm2 on the way sampe misplaced plak.anyway walau jupe kejap je i waz hepy..a least dpt borak2 time ade masa jupe lagi..thaks guyz ;)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Khilfy Falah cute



ewah ewah..

haluu ppl...

introducing our lil star...khilfy falah..i took this picas yesterday. actually i juz bought this new sunglass for him..sajer tgk cute sgt.its barbie brand, 100% uv protection and the best part its more expensive than my sunglass!!

im going to make frame tis picas..mmg suker sgt..falah ni mmg susah nak amek gamba..will upload more later..

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Preview-Fara & Mohsin Wedd

cantiknyer bunga...huhu jgn mare fara

ratu sehari

huhu eksen2 jek kt skooter pak mertua mohsin ni..

salam,entry kalini featuring fara & mohsin wedding..fara is my huby ofismate at Polyethylene,kerteh. Tis couple very the shy in front hasil paksa rela fazz...huhu nampaknya fara sudah get the mood..layannn..

Friday, May 1, 2009

my beluV huby besday..1st May 2009

Njoying his meal..

falah as usual tgk je food..

Dlicious salad!

blow da candle plizz..

and again..for the sake of the camera..

for da besday boi

mcm pengantin la plaks..

fries for falah

'mama ni asik snap jek'

terserempak ngan ol' fren with her latest baby

Event: my beluV huby bday
Plc: Wendys, Au2 Setiawangsa

hepy besday to u..hepy besday to u...hepy besday to Mr Khairudin ;) well, my huby besday falls on the labour day every year..since its a public holiday, it would be a no no excuse for us for not celebrating it ;p

since we are at KL at tis time, it would be more choices for us to celebrate it.i wanted to go at TGIs Friday but then my huby is lazy to drive at KL city + the jammed ++ small i just plan a small gath nearby my mom's hse. i remembered last time my best buddies Ira introduce me this plc..the food was not bad..i luv the i think why not? just chill out with my sisters angah with her fren & farah..we just lepaking thre while enjoying the food. just a little surprise, i ask angah to buy a cake to cheer up the celebration.

i think the picas tell can tell more about it..chill!!